Gearing up For 2017

I’m in my feelings today. I hate it when I do that. I have this massive urge to mentally rearrange my priorities and make some huge changes in 2017. This sounds ridiculous when you’re getting ready to have a baby, but on the other hand, a new child can really make you rethink your strategy.

Ever since I was pregnant with Liam, I wanted to be an Insurance Agent and own my own agency. Shortly after I had my son, I became an insurance producer for an agent. It was my first taste of this new world and the pay was commission only, mind you, the owner took a cut. As a new mother doing it pretty much alone, this was too hard to manage with an infant and no money so I had to give it up for a 9-5 JOB.

Fast forward to now. I actually have a pretty awesome job and make pretty decent money that helps us live comfortably. I work with a team that writes Commercial Insurance for our area and we do a pretty great job at it! I was actually considered for a promotion last year after being with the company for only one year! I missed out on that promotion only due to being with the company for a short amount of time.

I have realized that my ultimate goal is still strong and if I don’t have my own Agency, I would like to be an agent for a good-sized firm.

This post isn’t to gripe about my job however, but to express my realigned career goals for 2017. I am not going to post the cliché crap about “new year, new me” because that is just dumb. I want to instead talk about how I want to move forward in 2017 and just keep growing on the path that I am on.

Thankfully the company that I work for is actually going to roll out new career paths tailored for us individually at the beginning of the year, and to be frank, that is what got my mind going to begin with. I know that my boss will help me set a path internally with our company, but I want to set my own externally. Before I begin I want to express that all of my goals also correlate into my personal life, so the list of 4 major goals below can be used for professional and personal needs.

Lets begin…

1.Learning How to Disconnect, In Order to Connect: This has got to be one of the biggest goals for many… spending less time on social media and more time spent productively. That is my main goal, however I am putting a twist on it. I want to shift my social media desires into more productive outlets. The list below is a few suggestions.

  1. Spend 15 minutes each day on LinkedIn and post at least one article that you find interesting.
  2. Make your monthly goals public. Write them in a blog, throw them up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram ect… Make yourself be held accountable.
  3. Create a Pinterest board that is strictly for work related items such as printable organization, inspirational quotes ect.
  4. Limit your time on social media and don’t be afraid to log out entirely! Know when enough is enough.

2.Make Professional/Personal Developement a Priority: This year my boss recommend that I read Robin Sharma’s book titled “The Leader Who Had No Title.” Even though the book was cheesy and full of clichés, it was such a good read to stimulate motivation skills. I didn’t realize that I needed to develop my motivation skills independently until I read that book. I recommend it to everyone now! For 2017 I want to research and find a few books that will be on my “to-do” list. I will create a separate post once I research them. My goal will be to spend at the bare minimum 30 minutes each day on professional/personal developement. You would be shocked to see how much that simple act can increase your motivation and drive.

3.Dress for The Job You Want, Not the One You Have: This is such a given, however I am so guilty of not following this rule. I usually scrape by with the minimum needed appearance wise. I never have my hair and makeup done, only one or the other. I wear slacks not ironed, and usually my tattoo on my wrist is showing. Now, I am not one to judge tattoos or any other appearances for that matter, so lets not even go there. The point I am making is that on the rare occasion that I do look nice, my coworkers probably think I have an interview elsewhere. I have created a board on my Pinterest (link below) that is titled “For The Working Woman” and another bump friendly one called “Getting Through Work Pregnant.” I actually already have tons of these pieces in my wardrobe, just need to dust them off.

4. Taking Time Each Morning to Set Daily Goals: I am going to do a whole post with printouts on a daily planner that I am working on right now. I used a generic one for a few months this year and absolutely loved it! This is more of a goal that I just need to be more diligent on. My daily planning/goals worksheet will be a single sheet that you use each day to ensure that you focus on just that day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my spiral planner and use it pretty religiously, however having a small one page sheet catered to the tasks you have that day can really help you achieve monthly and even yearly goals.

So there it is… my 4 simple goals to use each day in order to achieve or step closer to my dream goal. I am super excited for 2017 already with a baby due in April and my son starting kindergarten, I just know that I can achieve even more for all of us in 2017!


6 thoughts on “Gearing up For 2017

  1. Setting daily goals is what works for me. I no longer do a huge list, but 3-4 really important items so whenever i have a moment I can be working on them. I am so looking forward to the new year. Enjoy all of the festivities. #ShowYourBlogLove


    1. Yes! Exactly! It took me so long to realize that I need to take my goals day by day! I’m excited to finish my daily goal worksheet and share it with you all!!


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