My Goal for January- Using My Monthly Goal Planner

Here we all are, the first month of 2017! 2016 was wonderful for my little family, and we have even more to look forward to in this coming year. Since we are expecting a new baby in April, my monthly goal planner will be focused around that aspect until april. I am also keeping in mind that I want these goals to become healthy habits that I carry into the following months of the year.

For January, my goal is going to be to organize my home, and to adopt a plan to keep it organized/clean. This is a rather large goal for me and my family. We have those infamous junk drawers, cabinets that are terrifying to open, and closets that a black hole couldnt even keep clean.

My action plan is a little ambitious, but to tackle this goal and to make it a habit, I need to put in some serious work this month. My action plan can be summed up in 3 steps.

  1. Gather items from each room that can be donated or thrown out. Our home needs this done very badly, and no better way to start a new year that to donate to those that could really use/need these items. This also entails cleaning out junk drawers, and gutting closets that are filled with items that I will be shocked to even find.
  2. Organize what is left. Pick one room each day to reorganize and deep clean. This is will include installing new organization tools such as shelves, bins, small plastic organizing drawers ect… The deep clean in each of these rooms will be from the top of the ceilings all the way to the floors. This will give each room the feeling that it is new and maybe more motivation to keep them organized.
  3. Adopt and follow through on a chore schedule. This step requires some honesty on my part. My husaband is amazing and is wonderful about doing dishes, picking up and other chores around the house. I am not that great… I am guilty of doing the bare minimum since I became pregnant. Needless to say, I am lucky woman to have such an awesome husband. I know I need to pick up the slack, and my 5 year old could take on more responsibility. This is why i am creating a chore schedule for all of us.

Check out my pinterest board above for organization and chore chart tips and ideas. I will be updating on this goal the beggining of February for all to see how disiplined I was able to be. the 2017 Monthly Goal Planner I created is below. Feel free to download it and tell me what your January goal is.



Mrs. Latham


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